All Lovestruck Lou Jewellery is made from Recycled Solid 925 Sterling Silver. Our Gold Pieces are 2 Micron Thick 18K Gold Plated, with a long lasting E-coating.

All of our Jewellery is Water Resistant, Tarnish Resistant, Long Lasting, Hypoallergenic and Highest of Quality. 

Whilst you can wear our Jewellery in water, we do recommend that if swimming for long periods of time that you shower in fresh water with your Jewellery on to remove any salt build up. 

Our Jewellery is not scratch proof or resistant to harsh chemicals, such as tan remover, fake tan and cleaning products. Please remove your jewellery when participating in high impact activities, cleaning, using fake tan remover and/ or any harsh chemicals.

Caring for you Jewellery correctly will ensure it stays as sparkly and beautiful as they day it arrived - If you believe your product is faulty, we will happily exchange your piece within a 6 month window from purchase.

If makeup, dirty and sweat build up on your Jewellery, polish with a polishing cloth to restore its original shine.